So, I’ve been told that I’d pass for straight on more than one occasion. To be honest, it’s not the least flattering thing I’ve heard, but it’s also not the most flattering. It’s kinda like, “Oh, I didn’t know there was a gay test for me to pass.” Am I not gay enough? Should I have a ‘Looking for Dick’ shirt on all the time? Or would you prefer if I further submerged my sexuality into the shadows that our society casts on we who aren’t ‘normal’? Is it okay if I still bake and am conscious of the way I dress? Should I only drink whiskey and Budweiser rather than throwing back a cosmo, or can I continue to order whatever strikes my fancy?¬†Should I fully assimilate and just marry a woman “because that’s all a man¬†really need in your life after all?”

Truth is I don’t care how you perceive me, and I am okay without your input. The real question: Why does it matter how “passable” I am? I’m still gonna fuck guys, flirt with guys, think about guys, and hopefully one day I’ll meet someone worth spending my life with. The truth is, I’ll never really be passable because I will love whoever I want, as openly as I can, until the day we part.

"Passable" is a joke and I’m nobody’s jester.